The Vault of Anubis Challenge

Rembrandt requests your presence in Vault of Anubis. The theme is ancient Egypt, but this is far out of the ordinary. This slot has 7x6 reels. There's a potential to create 5,000x your stake.

In Rembrandt's Vault of Anubis Challenge, you will move through 5 levels that are as fascinating as the ancient underground labyrinths of Egypt. As you pass through each level, the rewards increase.

The levels

 Level 1: 10 consecutive losses - 5 Pharaoh Spins 
Level 2: Stake €10+ in one session - 5 Pharaoh Spins 
Level 3: Stake €20+ in one session - 10 Pharaoh Spins 
Level 4: 3 consecutive wins  - 15 Pharaoh Spins
Level 5: Stake €50+ in one session - spin the wheel to win up to 100 Pharaoh Spins


Here's an extra boost to create a winning environment for you

10 Spins on Mega Pyramid
claimable 4 times
min €10 deposit 

20 Spins on Mega Pyramid
claimable 4 times
​min €15 deposit 

40 Spins on Mega Pyramid
claimable 2 times
​min €35 deposit 


40% up to €200
claimable 2 times
​min €60 deposit 


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Valid until 29th March 2020